How to Deal with your Bipolar Child

July 1, 2015


We know how frustrating it is to be a parent of a child who has a bipolar disorder. When the moment comes that your child’s behavior become outrageous and out of control we tend to blame ourselves. That is wrong, keep in mind that these children is suffering from an illness and they need to get away from that behavior. There some strategies and tips for parents on how to deal with your child who has a bipolar disorder.


You know your child, you know their strengths and weaknesses encourage them to do outdoor activities. Always remember to praise them whenever they did a good job or they show positive traits with their activity. As a parent you should be aware of the things that could trigger stressful events, talk to your child often and explain it, for them to understand and teach them how to manage it. Monitor your child’s behavior as you can make a journal that can help you identify moods, identify potential triggers, and become aware of early warning signs of mood episodes. Have a crisis plan in place. If your child can become violent or suicidal, develop an emergency plan ahead of time, avoid confrontations in potentially dangerous situations.


Be aware of unrealistic expectations, it may be tempting to compare your child to other children. However, remember that just because you or others feel that a child should be able to do something does not mean that they can. Understand your child’s special needs and work with them to achieve what they can at their own pace. Set intermediate goals that the child can work towards, step-by-step.


It’s a difficult balancing act. You have to be supportive and sympathetic and always seek professional help.



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