Narration of “Sleep Paralysis”

November 4, 2015


One of the scariest things I have encountered while having a rest from along and anxious time of work is the so-called “The Nightmare”. Most people suffer from this kind of “disorder”; some says it’s normal, some says it’s dangerous for some reasons. For me it is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep.


It happened to me weeks ago. I thought I was just having a bad dream, but I wasn’t. The only thing I remember was, I was having a demon dream that time, then my sister noticed that I was making a funny sound on my sleep and tried to wake me up. She was shocked of the reaction I made when I woke up. Funny it seems, but deep inside I was still shaking. My heart pounded like I lose a beat of it for so long, I felt thirsty and scared- Weak. That’s when she told me it was a symptom of “Sleep Paralysis”. Curious at first, but then she has let me understand.


For example, you tried to take a short nap then realized that you’ve been dreaming, suddenly your momentum starts to change like you’re seeing things such as “demons”, monsters, etc. Psychologically, the only thing you want to do is to wake up but then you can’t. It seems you are awake because you’ve been hearing those things or people that are actually exist in your “reality scene”, but again, something would not be feeling right. You’re still on your coma sleep, where you tried to move like escaping from a strangled rope tied around you. YOU CAN’T SPEAK, SHOUT, or literally-MOVE.


I just came to realize that I should have set enough time on work, stress and activities that might have caused me this thing. On the last note, I think that I am too much into work, that I forgot to think that it matters most. I cannot tell that I won’t be able to experience “The Nightmare” again, but I’m sure I will able to wake up before I even know it.




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