Gender Dysphoria

November 18, 2015


Gender Dysphoria or GID (Gender Identity Disorder) is a condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex that one is not the gender that appears to be.   The discomfort with one’s own assigned sex that result in significant distress or impairment.  One desire to live as members of opposite sex often dress and act like one them.  Like for an instance; physically a male, but would like to feel and act like a female.


People with gender identity disorder may act and present themselves as members of opposite sex. There are people who cross-dress other wants to have sex change surgery. The cause of this disorder is unknown but it may be because of the hormones in the womb, maybe because of the genes, and one biggest factor is the environment such as parenting. Symptoms may vary by age and affected by the personal social environment. Here are some symptoms define by age;

Children may experience this:

  • Rejected by their peers, or they feel alone

  • Believing that they will grow up to become their opposite sex

  • Depression or Anxiety

  • Disgusted by their own genitals

  • Want to be their opposite sex

Adults may have these symptoms too:

  • Dress like their opposite sex

  • Feel alone

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Want to live as a person of opposite sex

  • Wish to be rid of their own genitals

The condition also affect self-concept and self-esteem and choice of sexual partners. Other with Gender Identity Crisis may suffer from depression and may lead to suicidal feelings. The disturbance causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.


Seek Professional Help:  Someone who is suffering from Gender Dysphoria ought to seek a professional help and advice.  And perhaps the crucial factor is the support from family or friend.  Patient education and family counselling is also recommended to be made aware of the steps  to be taken to cope with unpleasant situations.



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