Debora Simpson, MA, LPC

SpecialityCounselor Mental Health (LPC)

EducationMA, LPC

Debora Simpson, MA, LPC


Deb believes working as a team she can explore what is happening in your life. As an insight-oriented, action-focused psychotherapist she offers an encouraging, nonjudgmental environment in which to resolve current issues, identify problematic patterns, and take steps toward fulfillment. Whether it is the presence of life stressors, or long standing issues, her goal is to support your self-exploration in order to gain an improved sense of well being.

As a strong working relationship is established, she wants you to experience the benefits of support, empathy, and empowerment, while working to better your life. Challenging with warmth and a sense of humor, you will find her approach authentic and relatable.

Her areas of expertise include relationship concerns, alleviation of anxiety and depression, phase of life issues, coping with stress, and self-esteem enhancement. She work intuitively and creatively with you to strengthen relationships, implement effective coping strategies, change unhealthy patterns, make personal self-discoveries, and ultimately feel calm and self-assured.

She brings a unique array of knowledge and skills to the therapeutic relationship, but most importantly, she is down to earth. Feel free to contact Mid Cities Psychiatry with questions about her techniques, philosophies, and specializations. She is open to discussing how she can work effectively as a team!