The Impact of Technology In Mental Health

The impact of technology has certainly made its mark in today's world, hasn’t it? It's everywhere, from our phones to social networks and TV. Technology offers lots of pluses like improved communication, easy access to info, and convenience. Recognizing how...

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5 Steps to Overcome Perfectionism

Is there even a need to overcome perfectionism at all? Once you realize it’s more of a double-edged sword, then yes it is. Striving for perfection pushes you to reach for the stars and accomplish big things. It might not...

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5 Handy Tips For Coping with Workplace Stress

In today's busy world, workplace stress often creeps up uninvited in your life. Whether it's dealing with workplace drama or feeling like you’re being pressure-cooked by the higher-ups, feeling overwhelmed at your job like this is fairly common. Managing stressful...

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