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Understanding Boundaries

What do we mean when we use the term, ‘boundary’? Boundaries are essentially a set of rules or expectations that communicate how we expect others to behave when they interact with us on an emotional or physical level. When we...

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Avoidant Personality Disorder

Considering that a lot of us battle with introversion, yet around two percent of the population experiences the harsh effects of avoidant identity issues. Extraordinary shyness and fear of dismissal make it troublesome for a few people to cooperate socially and professionally....

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Borderline Personality Disorder

Someone's having a hard time regulating his/her emotions; this difficulty will lead to severe, wobbly mood swings, impulsivity and unpredictability, poor self-esteem and tempestuous personal relationships. Intense fear of abandonment may be the worst and might be the hardest part...

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Grief or Journey of Grief

Everyone grieves in a different way; maybe a loved one passed away, a broken relationship, or losing a job. Other life alterations, like chronic ailment or a move to a new home, can also lead to grief. It is an...

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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that generally appears in late adolescence or early adulthood. Characterized by delusions, hallucinations, and other cognitive difficulties.  Schizophrenia can often be a life-long struggle. Symptoms Positive symptoms – also known as psychotic symptoms. For example, delusions and...

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