5 Journaling Health Benefits That Improve Your Mental State

Journaling is the art of writing down what you feel and anything that’s on your mind. It is now an evidence-based strategy used by individuals to destress and improve their well-being.

More than just understanding your feelings and your surroundings, journaling enables you to know and understand yourself better.

But why do people write?

Some people write because it is their profession, some just do it for fun, some do it as a leisure pursuit while some write as part of their trauma response.

Your journal is your intimate personal record of what you feel, what you think, and your daily observations and realizations. It is a good outlet to let out whatever you feel in your heart.

Journaling, in so many ways, can improve a person’s well-being.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the 5 health benefits of journaling and how can it help improve your mental state:

Reducing anxiety and stress

Writing whatever’s on your mind such as what causes your stress, your fears, your worries, and all your troubles is a way of unpacking your emotional distress.

Through writing, you can identify what makes you anxious and possibly come up with a way to address it. Journaling is a way to gain new perspectives and reflect on your life experiences.

In case you’re not convinced, an article from Psych Central cited a 2018 study showing how journal writing can help reduce the symptoms of depression since it allows you to unload pent-up feelings of dread and hopelessness.

Break away from overthinking

Overthinking often involves dwelling on the past and worrying about the future which leads to not living and enjoying the time being. Journaling serves as a safe space to get the thoughts out of your head, whether it’s good or destructive.

Regulate your emotions

One of the journaling help benefits is that it can help you deal with your emotions. To manage your emotion, you must have the freedom to express it.

You will learn to increase your emotional awareness and effectively regulate these emotions through journaling.

Encourage self-care and self-awareness

Writing down your thoughts and ideas is an opportunity to do self-talk. When you try to uncover and unpack your emotions through your journal, you can understand yourself better.

The things you write down in your journal and your daily reflections will guide you in practicing self-gratitude, mindfulness, and compassion.

Boost physical health

Remember that your brain is responsible for controlling your body. So when our mind is at ease it also makes our body relax.

Research Studies found that journaling works as a stress-relief tool that reduces the impact of stressors on our immune system cells. Having improved your mental and emotional health is a journaling health benefit.

Journaling can do a lot to improve your mental well-being, but oftentimes, it’s not enough to help you deal with a major crisis.

When things get too heavy and expressing yourself through writing isn’t helping you get through it, then getting a professional to help out would be a better option.

Reach out to Mid Cities Psychiatry today and learn how we can help you find hope and a new perspective in life!

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