How to Deal with Depressed Teens: A Guide for Parents

Teenagers face certain challenges as they mature. At some point, the process can take a detour towards disruptions, including depression. 

If you are a parent, this handy guide for dealing with depressed teens should help you make the right decisions and adopt the right attitude as your child enters this critical stage in their life.

How does teenage depression occur?

Depressed teens undergo a series of emotional and behavioral changes. They may feel empty and hopeless. These feelings can later develop into extreme guilt and bouts of sadness. 

Depressed teens will start to lose interest in their favorite hobbies. They won’t even find the motivation or drive to delve into these hobbies again. Apart from that, they may feel as though they lack energy or enthusiasm. 

Along with low mood, irritability can also be a symptom of adolescent depression. In any case, this condition can hamper your child’s social and academic performance. 

Several factors can drive the development of depression, such as the loss of a loved one or moving to a new neighborhood. 

In any case, it pays to know how you are going to help your child get through this difficult moment. 

Dealing with teenage depression

If your teen is showing signs of adolescent depression, here’s what you can do:

Always be attentive and supportive

If you’ve noticed they’ve been spending less time with friends, sleeping a lot more than usual, or not putting any effort in everything they do, ask them about it. Don’t sound like you’re nagging. Instead, be sensitive and let them know that you are always ready to listen. Offer them the support they need when you get your answers.

Teenagers will not directly tell you they’re depressed. In most cases, they might not even know what they’re feeling at all. Getting them to open up more may give you a general idea of what they’re dealing with. 

Help them reconnect with those who care

The friendships could be crucial to helping them recover from depression

Helping your teen reconnect with important people in their lives, including yourself, encourages them to maintain these connections. Doing so helps bolster their social connections and makes them feel less lonely. 

Don’t push them to change

Forcing new ideals or a change in perspective in depressed teens has not and will never help them deal with their condition.

Don’t push them to change how they feel. They can’t just switch gears on a dime especially if they already have anxiety and low energy. Instead, offer what help you feel they might need in a time when they feel lost and uncertain.

Get them the support they need

If you’ve noticed your child’s symptoms getting worse, get them as much support as they need.

The worst signs in depressed teens are when they start substance abuse like drugs or alcohol. Worst, they may even contemplate death and nonexistence. Even the smallest hints of these should warrant professional help. 

Teens may feel uncomfortable visiting a therapist about their problems, but you should encourage them to do so. Their depression isn’t their fault, nor is it yours, which is why the best thing you can do for them is get professional help.

Depressed teens can overcome their condition and rekindle their passion. All it takes is knowing who to call for quality psychiatric services. 

In Euless, TX, there’s Mid Cities Psychiatry to help parents like you give your children the hope they need.

Call us today and put your child on the road to recovery. 

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