You may not think that your paranoia is anything to pay attention to—but it is. So, how do you know if you have a fear of trusting someone? Let’s take a look at some of the significant signs. It’s such a normal reaction when being hurt, but if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship again, then you need to overcome it.

Never assume that your future will be the same as the past.

Doesn’t mean we’ve been hurt by one person or let’s say in some people’s cases a number of people hurt them, we become conditioned that the next person who will come into our life will hurt us too. This is unfair, we need to give other people an open-minded chance that they deserve unless they made something to make us worry about trusting them. The most important thing is we need to start each relationship with a clean slate and don’t let it be infected by our past. It’s not the kind of person, it’s the kind of manners they reveal.

If you can learn from your past relationships to classify said traits and the types of individuals who aren’t to be trusted, then you’ll be better at picking a lover the next time around—and knowing that you’re wiser and more likely to pick a better lover will make you less scared of getting hurt. After a difficult break-up, give yourself some time to heal. Time heals so you can build yourself again, and fall in love when you’re ready, not because you’re lonely. Once you’ve done that, then you’re ready to start dating again.

The best revenge is to start living well, the natural intention is to put up the barriers around you and try to protect yourself by refusing to open up and trust anyone again. Seek help with someone who can help you cope in this situation. Mid Cities Psychiatry specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental health, including substance abuse disorders. We are qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological disturbance.

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