Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluation: What You Need to Know

Are you getting ready for surgery soon? Most procedures often require a pre-surgical psychological evaluation. 

There’s no need to worry at all! A pre-surgical psychological evaluation is standard practice before a patient undergoes surgery. They are necessary to determine your mental state before a procedure. 

If you are undergoing procedures like cosmetic or bariatric surgeries, you may be required to consult with a psychiatrist. 

If you need more information about a psychological evaluation before any surgery, read on:

Reasons to Get a Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluation

Psychological evaluations are a team effort by you, your doctors, and your psychiatrist to make sure your mental state is in good order. This is important if the surgery itself has the potential to alter your lifestyle and emotional health. 

Most psychological tests check in on a person’s motivations and behaviors to see if they are mentally prepared for a life-changing activity. Your mental state is as crucial as your physical health before surgery.

There are many other reasons why you should get a pre-surgical psychological evaluation:

  • Background health check. Your doctor may need this evaluation to check in on your background health. They may need to look at factors such as previous health complications and even how well your current health is doing. This allows them to weigh how much your body can take during surgery.
  • Treatment plan collaboration. Your physician and psychiatrist can use this evaluation to collaborate on a treatment plan before and after your surgery. They can use the data gathered to help come up with exercise and diet recommendations that you need to undergo for a faster recovery period.
  • Evaluation of your understanding of the procedure. How well do you understand the surgery you are about to go through? Psychological evaluations give doctors an insight into your understanding of the procedure. Walking into that operating room without even knowing what will happen after can only lead to regrets. 
  • Insurance requirements. Your insurance company may need you to see a psychiatrist before any kind of surgery happens. The reason is that insurers will have to spend more if ever patients experience postoperative complications. Requiring an evaluation is their way of helping patients realize whether the procedure is worth undertaking.

What Happens During a Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluation?

Expect to answer lots of questions during your pre-surgical psychological evaluation. 

You may talk about your personal life through interviews, get a physical examination, assess your mental health history, and even take a few lab tests for past drug and alcohol use.

Feedback is then analyzed by your psychiatrist and physician. They will then recommend treatment based on the results of your evaluation. The success of your surgery may count on the results and feedback of the data you submitted to them.

Who Does the Evaluation? 

Your surgeon may request that you undergo a pre-surgical psychological evaluation. A clinical psychiatrist will handle that for you.

Not every psychiatrist handles these. It’s important to take note that only those with the right training when it comes to pre-surgery psychological evaluations are capable of handling this type of assessment.  

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