Mid Cities Psychiatry Team’s Highlights: Deb Simpson

Millions of Americans struggle with a wide range of mental health conditions. From addictions to trauma, these conditions require professional expertise that only a licensed therapist can provide. 

Also known as a licensed professional counselor, a therapist serves on the frontline towards helping people on the path to better mental wellness. 

But what does it take to become effective in this highly critical role? Let’s talk to MidCities Psychiatry’s own Debora “Deb” Simpson, MA, LPC. 

The Value of LPCs to Mental Health

LPCs are tasked with providing quality mental healthcare services to people who experience a variety of conditions including anxiety, stress, depression, and even low self-esteem. 

Also known as a psychotherapist, an LPC aims to help patients improve their cognitive and emotional skills, address the symptoms of mental illness, and improve the lives of patients. 

To do that requires professional training.

Before working as a therapist, Deb started in the pharmaceutical industry for 13 years until she found her true calling. 

“I always knew that being a therapist was what I wanted to do,” she says, “But (I) did not have the financial means to return to school after graduation.”

To become a therapist, you must earn a graduate degree and pass a licensure test. It wasn’t easy, but Deb found her breakthrough. 

“Returning to school after being out for many years was difficult,” she says, “But (I) continued to pursue (becoming a therapist) and finally made my dream a reality. In hindsight, I think it was the best decision that I made. (temismarketing.com) ”

As an LPC of MidCities Psychiatry, Deb handles relationship concerns, depression and anxiety treatment, phase of life issues, stress alleviation, and self-esteem enhancement.  

Attitude: The Great Equalizer

Going beyond professional training, becoming an LPC requires having the right attitude, especially regarding patients with diverse backgrounds and personalities. 

You will need a lot of patience and an understanding of what people are going through in their lives. But for Deb, it can be fulfilling to see patients turn their lives around for the better.

In this line of work, your focus is to motivate others to follow their dreams and never give up. 

“Watching people reach their goals makes up for the challenges that I endure,” Deb says. 

Achieving that requires a willingness to help and a positive work ethic anchored on giving efficient service and being detail-oriented. 

Deb believes in the value of working smarter, not harder. She highlights the need to have a daily schedule and plan of action.

That way, she can understand the unique needs of her patients and know exactly how to meet these needs. 

Of course, Deb is not alone in delivering the level of care that patients need the most. 

Making the Dream Work

In the mental health industry, pressure is always present, but Deb isn’t one to give in. 

“I try to stay calm and reach the problem, but not the situation,” she says, adding that she seeks help from her fellow MCP team members whenever she feels overwhelmed. 

Teamwork makes the dream work and that is true when you are dealing with patients who need help in their struggles. 

As a team member, Deb is known for her healthy sense of humor and approachable personality. It’s these qualities that make her a crucial part of the MCP team and an effective advocate for improving the mental wellness of patients.

Like Deb, you can play a major role in the lives of others. You just need to find an avenue where your skills and personality are deeply appreciated.

Join the MCP team today and know what it’s like to bring a new life to those who thought they were lost.

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