Dr. Seema Kazi: From Psychiatrist to Medical Director

In this week’s blog, we highlight one of Mid Cities Psychiatry’s most distinguished members, Dr. Seema Kazi.

Learn about her professional journey and how she helped shape MCP’s approach toward mental healthcare. 

Background and Beginnings

Dr. Kazi’s training started in 1991 at Dow Medical College. Her specialties lie in Psychiatry & Geriatric Psychiatry.
Her extensive training in psychopharmacology enables her to treat a wide range of mental health conditions, including depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, panic disorders, and substance abuse; to name a few.

After completing a dual-residency program for Internal Medicine and Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut in 1998, she took up a fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry at New York University. She is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology for Adults and Geriatrics.

Dr. Kazi has undergone Inpatient and Outpatient practice since 1999, serving various roles in mental health clinics and treatment centers. There, she was able to hone her skills and assume leadership positions that allowed her to explore new areas of innovation in the mental health sector. 

Throughout this period, she was able to make a name for herself as a seasoned mental health professional. Here are some of the highlights of her career. 

  • Staff Psychiatrist at Roger Williams Medical Center, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Chief of Staff at St. Barnabas Behavioral Health Center, Jackson, New Jersey
  • Medical Director at Princeton Behavioral Hospital, New Jersey
  • Medical Director of Short-Term Care Unit at University Behavioral Health of Denton, Denton, Texas
  • Medical Director of TelePsych Services at Asana Integrated Medical Group of CA

Moving away from New Jersey, she finally settled in the Lone Star State in 2013 and established Mid Cities Psychiatry. And the rest, as they all say, is history!

Better the service, the better the quality of life.

Dr. Seema Kazi started Mid Cities Psychiatry to provide quality mental health services that can do more than treat mental ailments. The aim is to restore patients’ self-confidence and self-worth.

To do this, Dr. Kazi believes in understanding a patient’s life history and going beyond the bare minimum of care. 

This would explain why Mid Cities Psychiatry is the top choice for mental health services that are tailored to every unique situation. 

Behavioral therapy is also a staple of the clinic’s many treatment options. Dr. Kazi believes that patients who are better attuned to their emotions and physical health can improve the health of their mental state and allow them to deal with stressful situations. 

This approach coupled with her expertise in psychotherapy has helped patients overcome their mental struggles and find a greater purpose in life. 

As Medical Director, Dr. Kazi has steered MidCities Psychiatry toward adopting innovative methods and improving its range of counseling and medication management services. Not only that, but she has also helped nurture the careers of staff members, from psychiatric nurses to resident psychiatrists. 

Her expertise in her field along with her concern for the well-being of her patients has helped Dr. Seema Kazi shape Mid Cities Psychiatry into one of North Texas’s most sought-after mental healthcare providers.

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