What Supplements Can Help with Your Anxiety?

Anxiety can’t be cured but there are ways to keep it from becoming a serious problem that affects your life and relationships.

Patients who have severe anxiety disorders can undergo psychotherapy sessions and apply healthy coping strategies.

On top of that, there are certain nutrients that are known to reduce the effects of severe anxiety. Here are a few of them:

Vitamin B-Complex

When it comes to treating cognitive performance, vitamin B-complex has to be the most sought-out. But more than just helping you focus on mentally exhausting tasks, this nutrient also works well against the onset of stress and anxiety attacks. In one study that analyzes the effects of a vitamin B-complex supplement in individuals with depressive disorders, the substance is found to be effective in improving mood and suppressing anxiety. But the best part is that vitamin B-complex is found in most foods, including meat and eggs.


Another substance that can help treat anxiety is omega-3. Found mostly in fish and legumes such as soybeans and flaxseed, omega-3 helps prevent the onset of heart disease and reduce inflammation in the artery walls. In addition to that, this fatty acid holds promise in easing the effects of anxiety. Taiwanese researchers from the China Medical University Hospital saw that omega-3 can lead to a significant reduction of anxiety. Although inconclusive, the study has opened up opportunities for exploring omega-3’s psychotherapeutic effects.


Magnesium has hundreds of different applications, from being used to manufacture fireworks to removing sulfur in molten iron. Within the realm of medical science, magnesium helps with regulating blood pressure and optimizing nerve functions. What is often overlooked in this mineral, however, is its potential as a treatment for anxiety disorders. Despite a lack of existing literature, one study suggests that magnesium supplements “will have a beneficial effect on mild-moderate anxiety.”


Another essential mineral that’s bountiful in the natural world, zinc is often used for galvanizing iron and creating molds for die-casting. In the body, zinc helps beef up your immune system and ensure a healthy metabolism. Not only that, but it also plays a role in the production and regulation of serotonin. Moreover, if you experience anxiety attacks, the presence of zinc is known to increase the potency of the drugs you are taking.

Vitamin D

A daily dose of sunshine can do more than improve your immune system and promote bone growth. It also boosts the production of vitamin D, an essential nutrient that also inhibits the effects of depressive disorders. As a matter of fact, patients who have major depressive disorders are found to have deficiencies in vitamin D. So, if you can’t get enough sunlight during the day, you can always get this nutrient through supplements and other sources such as fish that’s rich in fatty acids.

In dealing with your anxiety problems, these nutrients provide adequate support. However, you still need to consult with your therapist in picking the right supplements to take.

At MidCities Psychiatry, our approach to treating anxiety involves proper medication management. We match our patients with the right supplements that cater to their physical as well as mental health needs.

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