5 Reasons Why National Volunteer Week Helps Those Struggling With Mental

In a world where mental health issues are popping up more, National Volunteer Week stands out as a big hope, offering vital help to those wrestling with inner struggles. 

While you might not see straight away how helping others out connects with mental health, the impact of lending a hand can be life-saving for folks facing mental issues. 

Here are five strong reasons why National Volunteer Week acts as a crucial lifeline for people dealing with mental health struggles:


At the core of many mental health struggles lies a feeling of being marooned and secluded. 

National Volunteer Week presents an opportunity for individuals to craft profound connections with others by extending a compassionate ear through a crisis hotline, contributing to communal initiatives, or engaging in support groups; volunteers offer companionship and empathy to those in need. 

Simply conversing or providing a sympathetic presence can alleviate feelings of solitude and foster a sense of belonging, which holds immense significance for mental well-being.

Defining Purpose and Meaning

In moments of inner chaos, people often struggle to find meaning and importance in their lives. 

Volunteering enables them to direct their energy into deeds that support a larger purpose, granting them a sense of purpose surpassing their struggles. 

Whether it’s pitching in at a nearby shelter, guiding youngsters, or assisting the elderly, lending a hand can stir up a sense of joy and satisfaction. The understanding that their actions are sparking positive change in others’ lives can serve as a potent remedy for feelings of loneliness and despair.

Reinforcing Self-Worth

Mental struggles can seriously bruise one’s self-regard and faith in themselves. 

National Volunteer Week gives those who have little confidence in themselves to unearth talent that can not only help out their community but also their self-worth as well.

Learning new skills, earning praise from those they help, or just realizing their importance as respected members of their community can nurture a stronger sense of self-worth and kickstart a transformation towards a more positive self-image.

Unwinding and Coping with Stress

Participating in volunteer work presents a positive path for handling stress and facing mental health obstacles. 

Whether it’s immersing in nature, exploring creative activities, or getting involved in physical endeavors, volunteering opens doors for unwinding and self-nurturing. 

Assisting others can spark the discharge of happy brain chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin, easing feelings of worry and sadness. Moreover, volunteering can plant a sense of command and skill over one’s situation, providing crucial backing during challenging moments.

Forging Robust Support Networks

During National Volunteer Week, people come together to build strong bonds and connections that act as a safety net during tough times. 

This might involve fostering friendships with fellow volunteers, nurturing relationships with those they help, or tapping into resources and support systems. 

Volunteering encourages the development of deep connections that offer both emotional and practical help. These support webs are vital in guiding individuals through the ups and downs of mental health recovery, providing a sense of belonging and community.

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, let’s acknowledge the profound impact of bolstering those grappling with mental health challenges.

If you’re interested in signing up for some volunteering work yourself this week, try signing up at these events and locations to see if they need a hand:

Alternatively, if you know someone going through mental struggles, book an appointment with us at Mid Cities Psychiatry. Let’s pave the road towards fostering a more compassionate and inclusive society. 

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