Mid Cities Psychiatry is excited to introduce Dr. Ramya P. Seeni

A caring psychiatrist committed to providing exceptional mental health care to the local community.

Dr. Seeni’s extensive experience and versatile approach make her a valuable asset, leading the way for mental well-being in Euless, Texas.

Dr. Ramya gained a medical degree from Gandhi Medical College in India and further refined her expertise through postgraduate residency training at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. 

Her unique background lets her blend the best practices from Eastern and Western medicine, providing patients with a well-rounded and culturally sensitive approach to mental health care.

Dr. Seeni’s philosophy orbits a straightforward approach to psychiatry, laser-focusing on the quintessentials that resonate most with her patients. 

Whether individuals are grappling with job-induced anxiety, orchestrating the management of bipolar disorder, or confronting conditions such as postpartum depression, Dr. Seeni is equipped to orchestrate thorough evaluations and assistance.

As a trusted mental health professional, Dr. Seeni stands as an unwavering pillar of support for her patients, instilling in them the power to become their own architects of their destinies. 

Her role in psychiatric care emphasizes the crucial significance of personal growth and development for her patients.

At Mid Cities Psychiatry, Dr. Seeni orchestrates a holistic symphony for well-being, weaving together medication management with the finesse of supportive therapy. 

This dual strategy aspires not merely to cure patient symptoms but to serenade them toward their personal and professional goals. 

With Dr. Seeni’s guidance, patients can forge through life’s challenges with resilience and attain their fullest potential.

“We are exhilarated to have Dr. Ramya P. Seeni at Mid Cities Psychiatry. Her unwavering commitment to delivering patient-centered care seamlessly harmonizes with our mission to propagate mental health and wellness in our community.” -Sohail Prizada, CEO of Mid Cities Psychiatry.

About Mid Cities Psychiatry:

Mid Cities Psychiatry stands as a preeminent mental health clinic in Euless, Texas, steadfastly devoted to delivering compassionate care to those confronting mental health challenges.

We have a tapestry of services that include psychiatric evaluations, therapeutic counseling, and medication management, all underscored by a fervent commitment to giving the power to our patients so that they achieve optimal mental well-being.

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