5 Ways To Help Reduce Performance Anxiety To Boost Self-Confidence

Many of us can buckle under the effects of performance anxiety when we’re pushed up to do something in the public eye. Then again, it’s understandable why we feel this way. And it’s good enough to know that there are ways to help reduce this phenomenon and get back on the right track.

In this guide, we look at ways to reduce performance anxiety. But first, let’s define what it is and how it affects you:

What is performance anxiety?

Performance anxiety or stage fright is not uncommon to experience during a task or activity in front of an audience.

But we also experience this feeling when we feel the pressure to do well in front of our friends and family. It can feel especially soul-crushing when we think about how we can disappoint our loved ones.

That kind of failure or the fear of it can lead to us wanting everything to be perfect. We strive to not look bad in front of our peers although this isn’t always preventable.

How can we reduce our performance anxiety?

As human beings, we are bound to stumble on the path to great things. That doesn’t mean that every fall should be taken as a failure.

Knowing how to reduce performance anxiety can help boost our self-confidence and allow us to do better at every task we are made to perform. With that being said, here are ways to help you reduce performance anxiety:

Don’t focus on what could go wrong

If you want to reduce performance anxiety in the face of a stress-inducing task or public event, it’s best not to focus on what can go wrong.

Instead, try to put focus on yourself and the purpose you have in accomplishing this task. It keeps self-doubt from settling in your mind.

Maintain a confident posture

Don’t just think confident. Look at the part as well!

Maintaining a confident posture helps reduce stage fright as it lets you stand tall even against something that makes you want to shrink away and hide.

Try to keep eye contact and allow yourself to be open and self-assured. Presenting a confident image to your audience can help distract you from the inner self-defeating thoughts that often linger in your mind.

Keep yourself healthy

Keeping yourself healthy by exercising and eating healthy food also helps reduce performance anxiety for you.

Sugar and caffeine offer lots of benefits, but they are not exactly useful in calming your nerves. Instead, munch on healthier alternatives such as an apple or banana.

Prepare materials in advance

Preparing what you need in advance for a speech or performance can make the task less daunting than it should.

It also helps you practice your lines or remember what you need to do the night before your big performance.

Accept imperfection in the outcome

It’s alright to make mistakes, even if you’ve prepared as much as possible to avoid them.

Mistakes can happen, but it won’t help if you dwell on them. If you find yourself stumbling, the best you can do is to pick yourself up and stay on track.

Performance anxiety shouldn’t cause you to miss out on valuable opportunities in life. If you think it’s becoming too much of a problem, then you may need to enlist professional help.

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