Service with a Human Touch: Dr. Seema Kazi on Successful Mental Health Interventions

How can psychiatrists provide genuine services to patients?  

For Dr. Seema Kazi, it all boils down to how clinics use the knowledge and resource that they already have. But most of all, mental health interventions should always focus on compassion, empathy, and understanding.

As Director of Grapevine, TX-based clinic Mid Cities Psychiatry, Dr. Kazi oversees the application of the latest technologies and approaches in treating mental illnesses that range from psychosis to substance abuse. 

Currently, Mid Cities Psychiatry is offering telehealth services as a way of bringing a more personalized experience to patients. Dr. Kazi emphasizes personalization in that, for psychiatric treatment to succeed, there has to be a drive towards understanding individual patient contexts. 

After all, uncovering patient backgrounds and other valuable information is at the heart of psychiatry. Sure enough, Dr. Kazi is no stranger to that fact. 

Mixing competence with compassion

Dr. Kazi’s career in the psychiatric field spanning 20 years started in 1998 when she completed a dual-residency program for Internal Medicine and Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut. A year later, she completed a fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry at New York University.

From there, she took on various staff and leadership roles in organizations and clinics that provide mental health services. These roles include the following:

  • Medical Director of TelePsych Services at Asana Integrated Medical Group of CA
  • Medical Director of Short-Term Care Unit at University Behavioral Health of Denton, Denton, Texas
  • Medical Director of Inpatient Services at Princeton House Behavioral System, Princeton, New Jersey
  • Chief of Staff at St. Barnabas Behavioral Health Center, Jackson, New Jersey
  • Staff Psychiatrist at Roger Williams Medical Center, Providence, Rhode Island

Eventually, she left New Jersey for Texas in 2013 and started Mid Cities Psychiatry. With her experience and her passion for building valuable relationships with patients, Dr. Kazi wants Mid Cities Psychiatry to become not just a clinic that treats diseases, but a clinic that gives individuals a second chance at leading a hopeful life. 

How Mid Cities Psychiatry Leads the Way towards Human-Centered Innovation

With Dr. Kazi at the helm, Mid Cities Psychiatry is poised to become a clinic that cares through its range of personalized services.

The clinic provides counseling, medication management, and modern treatment plans that take the needs of patients into account. 

Moreover, Mid Cities Psychiatry also offers Buprenorphine Treatment aimed at patients suffering from opioid addiction. Psychotherapy and TMS Solutions are also available for patients who need them. 

The clinic also has interventions for depression, anxiety, and other mental disturbances that affect a person’s performance and outlook in life. 

On that note, dialectical behavioral therapy is also a hallmark of Mid Cities Psychiatry. DBT allows individuals to become more in tune with their emotions and react in a more healthy manner towards different life scenarios.

For Dr. Kazi, technology only goes so far as to make treatment and diagnosis easier. Raising the effectiveness of these tools and approaches should also involve knowing how to connect with patients. 

It is with this mindset that Dr. Kazi and the staff of Mid Cities Psychiatry is able to do their part in uplifting people’s lives — starting with their mental health. 

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