MCP Staff Highlights: Annalee Alston

Mid Cities Psychiatry Team’s Highlights: Annalee F. Alston

At MidCities Psychiatry, we always strive to give our patients top-quality care. It starts with hiring the right people for the job.

As a psychiatric clinic that aims to help patients find new hope, we depend on our corps of experienced physician assistants. 

In this month’s team highlight, we take a close look at the life of a physician assistant working in one of North Texas’s premiere mental health centers. 

Annalee Alston has been with MidCities Psychiatry for more than two years now. Learn what it’s like to be in her shoes as a frontline mental health professional.

From graduate to full-time physician assistant

Physician assistants provide direct care for their patients. In our clinic, they are an essential part of our team and help improve access to mental health services for those who need them.

Annalee F. Alston undertook a long journey to develop her skills as a carer. 

Originally from New Mexico, Annalee Alston grew up in Austin, Texas, and acquired her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Texas A&M University. She would later take part in the University of North Texas Health Science Center’s Physician Assistant program.

All her years of training in the psychiatric sciences helped her earn an NCCPA certification and a Texas Medical Board License. This was only the beginning of her long yet fruitful journey in the mental health sector. 

Building a bigger and better medical community

Seeking more opportunities to build her repertoire of skills, Annalee eventually found her way to MidCities Psychiatry. 

A hard-working and quick learner, she dedicated her time and energy to the psychiatric community as a physician assistant. 

For Annalee, helping others overcome their deep-seated problems gives her a sense of fulfillment not replicated by anything else. 

As a matter of fact, her biggest strengths come from wanting to help those around her by working closely with fellow professionals and collaborating with patients over their actual needs. 

To her, building a supportive community in the mental health sector can help improve the well-being of many people and create an environment where seeking quality mental healthcare is no longer a source of stigma. 

But when she is not providing for her patients and building bridges with other carers, Annalee enjoys soccer, traveling, and spending time with her two dachshunds.

Annalee’s journey to becoming one of our brightest physician assistants reminds us how hard work pays off and how the strength of unity can help attain the goal of making sure that others get the best care that they should receive.

Enough dedication, passion, and care for what you love can help you attain any kind of goal, whether it’s to make life better for others, yourself, or even both. You just have to keep at it and eventually, you’ll make it to where you want to be in life.

This is where the strength of the MCP Team lies and we are inviting other mental healthcare professionals to make a big difference. 

Join our team today and let your career be our next highlight. 

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