Tips on How to Achieve a Happy Relationship

Nowadays, simply reading the newspaper or watching television can bring on negativity to someone’s life. All you see are celebrity power couples going their separate ways and cheating husbands regularly making headlines. Sometimes, such occurrences make you think about how a couple can stay together. Would they still be as happy after 20 years? What is it that makes them a happy couple?

For men, there have been some precise counsels presented from thousands of women affirming that the following will please them:

   Pay attention to her, don’t solve her teething troubles.
  • Women love men who pay attention to details. Surprise her by cooking her favorite meal after a hard day’s work or bring her to the cinema to watch the newest hit rom-com she just won’t stop talking about. When she’s feeling down, remind her to be strong. Rather than solving her problems, find a way to motivate her to stand on her own. Remember, spoiling her is different from paying attention.
  Keep fit.
  • Women love men who try to stay fit. Occasionally falling for the chubby guy is fine but once you start prioritizing your fitness, women can’t get their eyes off you. In most cases, having a healthy body leads to gaining more confidence, and confidence is something that women just can’t get enough of.

  Hand over the remote.

  • As much as women love a challenge, sometimes it’s best to just let the woman win the argument.
    Know that she is a woman, not just a spouse or a mother.
  • Women love men who are independent—but if you’re thirty and you still live with your parents, then good luck with trying to get hitched.
For women, these will make your man more gratified:

  If you want something, ask for it. He can’t read your mind.

  • Unlike women, men are more direct. Relying on men to know what you mean can be hopeless when you’re not actually saying it.

  Identify that people show their love in diverse ways.

  • If you want men to exert the same effort as you do in the relationship, you’re looking at it the wrong way. Let them show you how they love.

Praise his successes. Your pride in him and recognition is really significant.

  • Throwing in occasional compliments wouldn’t hurt. Let them know that you’re proud of them and that you appreciate what they do for you.

  Know that he is really trying to make you happy.

  • It’s in his best interest to make you happy. Although men don’t look like their doing their best, trust us that they are.

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